Wonder what it's like to be murdered by Tom Proctor in the horror movie Murder Hill? Nicole Case, winner of the Murder Me Proctor contest, tells us about it. 

Awesome Monkey Productions (AMP) brought Nicole Case to the studios to talk about her experience with making a horror movie. She loved it. She loved being on the movie set and say's she learned a lot from not only Tom Proctor but everyone involved in the production.

Mark and Anna Casadei, owners of Awesome Monkey Productions also fill us in with the movie trailers. The first of many has been released, and it's doing the job of getting us excited to see the film! There will be 2 or 3 teaser trailers then possibly three full-length trailers. We did get a sneak peek at some footage for those, and they are great.

AMP Films is now in post-production of the dramatic short film Legacy, Starring Tom Proctor with Tom Edgar. Directed by Claude Bauschinger, Cinematography by Sarah Cawley, Written by Anna Casadei, Produced by Mark Casadei, Music by Ghiya Rushidat.

Bonus Video: Winning Video For Murder Me Proctor Contest

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