The Murder Hill Official Teaser #2 is out, and wait till you hear the great news. 

The owners of Awesome Monkey Productions (AMP), Mark and Anna Casadei, have great news about the horror movie “Murder Hill.”

The movie has gone from an independent film to a large feature production with worldwide distribution, and their budget has now tripled! Filming will resume in the Spring of 2017. We're currently waiting for the name of the A-list actress joining Tom Proctor and Marilyn Ghigliotti on the set.

AMP is upping their requirements for the amount of crew that will be needed for the film. They're also working with local colleges so students can get class credit while on the movie set.

Keep in mind that everything will be filmed locally, and all the production companies involved love the idea.

Enjoy trailer #2 for the feature film Murder Hill. Don't forget to listen for Cindy!

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