There are only a few days left in this decade. Now that Christmas has wrapped up, we're looking to New Year's Eve and getting ready to ring in 2020! Here are some things you can do next Tuesday that you barely have to plan.

  • Host a potluck party which could be so much fun and so easy! Making one dish is quick, and you will be saving so much money by staying in with your friends instead of going out. Plus, you don't even have to dress up!
  • Have a low-key date night where you two can cook dinner together, light some candles and spend the meal catching up with one another, and you can rent a movie (or pick something on Netflix) to watch as a way of ringing in the New Year cozy and comfortable.
  • Hang out with your parents just like you did for years as a kid when staying up until midnight was a big deal! Bring snacks, fun hats and 2020 glasses, and be prepared to pop a bottle of champagne at midnight to enjoy with your parents. This is the ultimate throwback for the end of the decade than to relive your childhood New Year's Eves!
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Wrap up the 2010s with your loved ones and get ready to take on 2020 with confidence!

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