Every year it seems like the summer takes forever to arrive. It's January and we're freezing and summer seems so far away. And then it's here!

Soon we're inundated with plans and obligations and those simple days we wanted are few and far between.  July is almost over! Before the summer gets too far along, make your summer bucket list and make sure you do them all so when the leaves begin to change, you are sure you experienced all summer has to offer.
Here is my simple summer pleasures bucket list:
1.     Visit the beach: If you live near the beach, and most in our listening area do, this is an easy one to fulfill, but either way, it's a must-do.  Doesn't have to be the ocean, plenty of lakes around here have nice beaches.
2.     Run a race: This is a goal I usually meet at least once or twice over the summer. It's hot, but it's fun.
3.     Sleep in a tent: This is a great one whether you make it out camping or not. Pitch a tent in the backyard and go camping 10 feet from home.
4.     Make a s'more: Is there anything that says summer more than a roasted marshmallow between two graham crackers and some melted chocolate? If so, I can't think of it!
 5.     Take a sunset walk: I love this time of year when it's not dardk when I get home from work. We take long walks with the dogs and the kids, maybe get some ice cream, and chill. 
6.    Eat outside: Eating ice cream is one of the simplest pleasures of the summer. Once you do it, you want to do it every night.
7.    Cook out on the grill: Of course you CAN grill a pizza in winter, but in the summer, it's so much easier and more delicious. Yum!
8.     Go to a water park: There is only one time of year for this. And it's now! What are you waiting for? The Chadwick’s water park is great!
9.  Water balloon fight: This is always a biggie in my house. We love filling a bucket with water balloons and going to town! Although, I will admit that the cleanup is not always a blast.
10.  Run through a sprinkler: If you don't, you can still enjoy this simple summer pleasure.
11.  Be barefoot in the grass: If there is a better feeling than grass between the toes, I can't imagine what it is. Flip those flip-flops off and enjoy it for the next month or so.
12.  Go on a boat: Load up the life jackets and get moving on the water. Kayaks, canoes, and row boats all count! My family enjoys getting out on the water with our canoe!  Many local places offer canoe and kayay rental right here in Central New York!
15.  Fish off a dock: It's a relaxing way to spend a few hours. Dangle your feet, bring a friend, and catch some dinner!
 16.  Go out in the country and look at the stars: It's amazing how the night sky changes in the country.
17.  Go to a drive-in movie: Nothing says summer like a night at the drive-in. The drive in in Rome just opened up!!
18.  Visit an amusement park: We have Six Flags close by!
19.  Ride a roller coaster.
20.  Eat cotton candy for dinner: At least once, right?
21.  Go camping and relax: Let the kids play and have fun and get dirty.
22.  Climb a tree.
23.  Eat fresh corn: Pure summer perfection. Roasted corn is great, especially dipped in butter and sprinkled with salt and pepper!
25.  Go to a festival or fair: There are so many to choose from – Barn Fest, Sterling Renaissance Festival, Rome Canal Fest, Boonville Fair, The NYS fair.  Eat something deep-fried!
What is on your family's summer bucket list?  Comment on this blog or drop us a line at 961wodz.com!

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