Put this down on your bucket list as an odd, yet relaxing and aesthetically-pleasing vacation spot. It's hard not to admire the creativity of this New York couple who converted a shipping container into a dreamy cabin getaway in the woods.

Airbnb host Porter wrote that he, a writer, and his wife, a photographer, designed and finished their listings, including the 'container cabin,' and they currently split time between the Catskills and New York City.

The cabin is dreamy. It's a getaway. And as the host so lovingly wrote, "staying in the cabin is an experience, not a simple overnight."

Container Cabin in the Catskills

You can rent out the container cabin for $195 per night. Read more and book your stay through Airbnb.

If you're looking for a stay with a similar vibe, but a little more space, Porter and his wife also have a 40-foot converted container nearby for $225 per night.

The 40-foot cabin has the same beauty and same character as the couple's original project, but offers double the space to relax and get away from it all within Catskills wilderness.

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