So, a guy walks into an Asian salon… Stop us if you’ve heard this one. A guy walked into a salon and asked for certain “services” to be rendered. They said no, he offers them $100.  They still said no, he offered them $300! Then, he got belligerent, resisted arrest and was put in jail. What “services” did he want? A manicure and pedicure.

This actually happened in Mentor, Ohio. Cleveland native Charles Swinney was arrested by police who were called to Asian Nails — where he had gotten out of control. The salon was close to closing time and told him they couldn’t fit him in.

He grew irate when he was refused a mani-pedi and told the employees the item was on his “bucket list” and really wanted to get it done today.  Swinney was waving a wad of cash and claimed to have a bag of $10,000 on him for his big day of knocking stuff off his to-do-before-I-die tasks.

Oh, we neglected to mention he had also frequented a bar just prior to this event and downed some twelve alcoholic beverages. Sweeney pleaded no contest to the charges of inducing panic and resisting arrest. The court mercifully dropped a disorderly conduct charge and he was fined $1,750 plus court costs. By our math, that leaves him with $8,250.

Charlie, next time remember the cardinal rule of drinking: Mani-pedi before liquor/ get out of jail quicker.


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