Have you spent your quarantine holed up in your home, slowly growing your collection of houseplants? No? Just me?

Well, no matter if you're practically living in your own personal jungle by now or shopping for your very first houseplant, it's important to know what other people are buying and why.

A new study by E-conolight revealed the top-searched houseplants in every state, and if we're being honest, New York ended up being pretty basic.

New York joined 14 other states that searched up Aloe Vera the most. However, this data is no surprise to the folks at E-conolight. Apparently Aloe Vera has had strong interest from Americans over the last five years, all while interest in other plants has come and gone.

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But why Aloe Vera? It's possible that the plant's ability to serve many uses gives it an edge over other houseplants. Aloe Vera doesn't just look cool; You can also break open its leaves and use the goo inside as a natural burn-soother that tends to be much more effective than the bottled gel you find at the store.

Other popular houseplants this year included Common Ivy and African Violets, topping eight and six states' search histories, respectively.

If you're one of those people who looked into (or maybe even caved and bought) an Aloe Vera plant, make sure you know how to take care of it so it doesn't die. Aloe plants require bright, indirect sunlight and deep, but infrequent, watering. Read more about caring for Aloe Vera through Almanac.

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