Like horoscopes I tend to be pretty skeptical of anything having to do with a birthday or other date directing or even hinting at the course of your life. I was born in May and according to this list I'm supposed to be a politician. Uh, not so fast, I had to force myself to watch the recent Presidential debates and the things that I really do for a profession and/or hobby are listed in March. Does that mean that I was born too late? Actually I was born three months premature, so I really should be laying bricks!! Just for fun, check out this list and see how you measure up:


  • January: physicians and debt collectors
  • February: artists
  • March: pilots and musicians <--- what I really do
  • April: fairly even spread of professions
  • May: politicians <--- what 'they' say I'm wired for... NOT!
  • June: chief executive officers
  • July: bricklayers, train drivers and artists
  • August: bricklayers <--- if I'd just stayed in-utero for another 3 months
  • September: pro sports athlete, physicist
  • October: fairly even spread of professions
  • November: fairly even spread of professions
  • December: dentists


So, how'd you do? Well, whether you're scratching your head like I was or going, "Wow, they soooo know me!", here are the facts. These results came from a British statistical study that covered only 19 professions (aw man!) and included both blue and white-collar jobs. They took data from the most recent census and started seeing some patterns, so decided to let the world know. Guess I'll be going back to my "I choose my own path" belief (although it's interesting that March was so spot on in my case) but this served as some good comic relief. And ladies if you want a certain profession, now you can time it! Two of our last three presidents were born in August, just sayin! Throw this up on Facebook and see how your friends measure up!

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