German icons the Scorpions have announced the release of a compilation album that features new music and re-imagined classics along with the best of their ballad output.

Born to Touch Your Feelings features 17 tracks taken from throughout the band’s 18-album catalog, along with new tracks “Melrose Avenue” and “Always Be With You.” In addition, the LP contains a new acoustic version of “Send Me An Angel” and a new full-band version of “Follow Your Heart.”

Guitarist Matthias Jabs recently explained that the band’s co-called farewell tour, which began in 2010, was billed as their final road trip as a result of miscommunication, and led to their 2012 confirmation that they’d keep going. He said that their manager had made the suggestion, and each member of the band assumed the others wanted to quit – and they only realized their mistake once the tour had begun.

“We thought, rationally, it might be a good idea to say 'bye bye' while we were still in the best shape, leave the scene with the best impression and be remembered as a band that runs around like crazy. But seven years later, that still goes as well," Jabs said. “So we postponed the end of everything and now we don’t know."

Adding that it was “kind of stupid” to make farewell announcements, he insisted: “ It’s getting a bit ridiculous when you say it and don’t do it, so we won’t do it again."

The Scorpions were forced to cancel part of a U.S. tour as a result of singer Klaus Meine suffering severe laryngitis. However, they’re set to return to the road on Oct. 28 with dates booked in Europe until Dec. 7.

Born to Touch Your Feelings will be released on Nov. 24 via Sony and it’s available for pre-order in multiple formats now.

Scorpions: Born to Touch Your Feelings track listing

1. "Born To Touch Your Feelings" (MTV Unplugged studio edit)
2. "Still Loving You" (Comeblack version)
3. "Wind Of Change" (Comeblack version)
4. "Always Somewhere" (2015 remaster)
5. "Send Me An Angel" (new acoustic version 2017)
6. "Holiday" (2015 remaster)
7. "Eye Of The Storm" (radio edit)
8. "When The Smoke Is Going Down" (2015 remaster)
9. "Lonely Nights"
10. "Gypsy Life"
11. "House Of Cards" (single edit)
12. "The Best Is Yet To Come"
13. "When You Came Into My Life" (MTV Unplugged studio edit)
14. "Lady Starlight" (2015 remaster)
15. "Follow Your Heart" (new full band version 2017)
16. "Melrose Avenue" (new song)
17. "Always Be With You" (new song)

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