Video games based on movies, more often than not, suck. And like movie games, most TV show games suck. Enough to warrant a Weirdest Video Games Based on TV Shows list. There are far fewer games based on TV series, probably because trying to make a game that ties into a lengthy story while the original story is still going makes for a major headache, but that doesn't mean some brave (re: crazy) souls haven't tried to bring our favorite shows to our favorite consoles. There are a few good ones, but more often than not they come out just plain bizarre, which is why we've rounded up the Weirdest Video Games Based on TV Shows.

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    The Office: The Video Game


    There's a video game based on 'The Office'. Let's let that sink in for a while. Who watched this deadpan situation comedy and thought, "Hell yeah, that'll totally translate into a kick-ass video game?" One crazy guy, that's who. But he was a crazy guy with money, which is why this game exists. The gameplay is less than compelling - you're clicking problems as they arise to settle them back down, with little thought or strategy involved - and the video game-ified versions of 'The Office' characters range from unattractive to downright hideous.

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    Iron Chef America: Supreme Cuisine


    Iron Chef America: Supreme Cuisine's secret ingredient is... using motion controls! With the success of Cooking Mama, developer Destineer licensed the popular cooking show, 'Iron Chef', to make a Wii game. This certainly isn't the worst game on this list, but it's definitely not the best, either. Iron Chef America: Supreme Cuisine does, however, earn some bonus points for getting vocal performances from all the Iron Chef regulars, lending an air of legitimacy to what is otherwise an aggressively average title.

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    Ren & Stimpy: Veediots!

    SNES, Game Boy

    In the '90s, game developers based platformers on any property they could get their hands on, no matter how bizarre or inappropriate it was. Ren and Stimpy translated decently to a video game, but man do they bring home the bacon in the bizarre category. Though Ren Hoek and Stimpy: The Quest for the Shaven Yak wins out as the weirdest title for one of their games, Veediots' strangeness comes from how utterly disconnected everything feels. There are only four levels, in total, and no discernible plot to tie it all together. You're essentially playing through whichever episodes the developers felt would work on the Super Nintendo.

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    Prison Break: The Conspiracy

    PC, PS3, Xbox 360

    Writers, take note. Don't name your story something as laser-focused as Prison Break, because once your characters do manage to break out of prison it'll leave them floundering around for several seasons with nothing to do. Why anyone thought this would make for a good video game is beyond even the most brilliant of minds, but, somehow, we got Prison Break: The Conspiracy, a widely-hated action-adventure title.

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    American Gladiators


    Finally! Of all the items on this list, here's a show that makes sense to have translated into video game form. Had American Gladiators come out today it would probably be a Wii U collection of minigames. This NES title had a wide variety of events, with plenty of jousting and platforming, but trying to weave these disparate elements together makes for a clunky learning curve, as well as earning American Gladiators a place on our list of the Weirdest Video Games Based on TV Shows.

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    The Shield

    Playstation 2

    'The Shield' was a brilliant drama about police corruption and how far people would go to get what they wanted... and to pistol whip as many people as possible. The Shield: The Video Game was a terrible game that brought none of the brilliance of the show and all of the mediocrity of boring shooters.

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    The Adventures of Gilligan's Island


    You know what people like about 'Gilligan's Island'? A lot of things, but particularly Gilligan. You know what The Adventures of Gilligan's Island on NES doesn't let you do? Play as Gilligan. No, the A.I. does that, and somehow makes him dumber than he was on the show.

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    Mobile Phone

    Jump around demons as your favorite Halliwell sister! Perform little to no magic while playing as a friggin' witch! Bask in gameplay so simple Q-Bert would get bored of it! Somehow 'Charmed' was on the air for eight seasons, that it only got one terrible, terrible game says more about how miserable this failure was than the show itself. Somehow.

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    The Sopranos: Road to Respect

    Playstation 2

    Man, sometimes you can just read the title of a game and know it's going to be crap. Ladies and Gentlemen, we give you Crap: The Game, otherwise known as The Sopranos: Hey, Grand Theft Auto is Popular, Let's Make Some Money Piggybacking on Rockstar's Success. Just dropping licensed characters in to a game doesn't automatically make it better, you still have to actually put a decent game in there.

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    Home Improvement: Power Tool Pursuit


    Hilariously, this SNES platformer has virtually nothing to do with the show on which it's based. You play as Tim Allen's character and use a variety of handyman inspired weapons, but you traverse the kinds of wacky worlds typical of this sort of game, like the desert, and temples. All the while fighting mummies, robots, and living musical notes. No wonder this power tooled its way to the top of our Weirdest Video Games Based on TV Shows list.

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