Today is "National Receptionists Day", and we salute those of you who serve in that role in an office or business. How many times have you gone to the dentist, a business or other office and have been impressed by that first face you see...the receptionist? She or he in many cases is the first exposure a person has to a business or company.

Here's more about the National Receptionists Association and what today is all about, according to

"May 14, 2014 is National Receptionists Day this year, the second Wednesday in May.

We created our organization to recognize the valuable contribution receptionists make in business. Receptionists are front line personnel and are responsible for making a positive first impression for the company. "It's time to recognize this untapped resource in your marketing strategy", states Jennifer Alexander, Director of the Association.

We want to launch a national image campaign for the benefit of receptionists to increase recognition for their role as marketing representatives for the company. We plan to launch the first international receptionists day effort this May 14.

Our association provides a community to share ideas and tips, provide motivational suggestions and ways to help generate the respect receptionists deserve.

According to US Department of Labor Statistics there are one million receptionists in the US, growing at 14% rate annually.