The Teddy Bear Toss at the Adirondack Bank Center was was magical.

Daniel Kealy and Amanda Rivera have been Utica College Pioneers season ticket holders for four years. Daniel Kealy, who works for Walmart DC, must have been on the edge of his seat at the Teddy Bear Toss because he knew after the first goal, he was going to ask the girl of his dreams to be his wife.

I asked Amanda Rivera, who's employed at Bassion & Hession Orthodontist and the new bride to be if she was surprised and she said 'definitely' although she didn't know if the wedding would have a 'Pioneers' theme.

The Teddy Bear Toss is a popular Christmas season promotion at many minor and junior hockey arenas throughout North America. Fans are encouraged to bring teddy bears to the game and to throw them onto the ice when the home team scores its first goal.

The 13th annual New York Sash Teddy Bear Toss at the Adirondack Bank Center didn't disappoint. Utica College Pioneers topped Neumann 9-1 with freshman Josh Haskin scoring the first goal just 85 seconds into the match. 1,000's of stuffed animals rained down to the ice donated to local children this holiday season through Operation Sunshine and Toys for Tots.

Special Thanks to Rhiannon Marie for use fo the photos and video! You rock Rhiannon!

Bonus Video:

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