It always amazes me when you go to a wedding and they have all the couples get out on the dance floor for a longest married dance, and then the DJ starts eliminating couples until there is just one left.

My family and I were at a wedding this weekend and they had the anniversary dance.  It's a dance where all married couples are on the dance floor and it whittles down to the couple who has been married the longest. I'm proud to say, my 89-year-old in-laws, Florence and Carmen Cardarelli were the only ones left on the floor having been married 62 years. Guests at the wedding wanted to know what was their secret.  As we had a two-plus hour drive home, I thought I'd ask them and here is what they had to say:

1. Be each other's best friend. You will have many people in your life but depend on each other first. 

2.  Realize there will be many bad days, weeks and sometimes years. Don't throw in the towel. Marriage is work.

3.  Eat dinner together every night. We have never had dinner without each other or our family when our kids were young. It's the one time of day when you can talk about your day.

4.  Don't rehash the past. What's happened before shouldn't influence today. Get mad, fight, scream but when you make up that's the end of it.

5.  The most important FAMILY, FAMILY, FAMILY first. You reap what you sow. You are the example your children will emulate. They, in turn, will want what you have. Make it good.


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