The Super Bowl winning quarterbacks are together again for Gatorade. This time it's 'Sweat it to Get it' in a student lounge on a college campus. Gatorade partnered with NFL Films to bring the Sweat It To Get It initiative to college campuses. 

Eli and Peyton Manning play a couple of coaches making thirsty college kids earn their Gatorade as part of the new advertising campaign. The bottom line is if you want Gatorade you're going to have to work for exceptions.

No reward without the work continues with Houston Texans J.J. Watt. You'll enjoy his abuse of the Gatorade machine. He freaks out a few college girls then shames some innocent boys because they're not sweating. The bottom line is you gotta 'Sweat it to Get it.'  Here's one of several new commercials. Remember muscle shirts are for muscles.

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