Visit realty TV star Bobby Goodson from "Swamp Loggers" at the 2015 NYS Woodman's Field Days on Saturday at the Boonville-Oneida County Fairgrounds.

Bobby Goodson is the owner of Goodson's All Terrain Logging, Inc. (ATL) is a family owned and operated business located in Jacksonville, NC. Run by fourth-generation logger, Bobby T. Goodson, also featured on the Discovery Channel's hit reality show, Swamp Loggers. 

Discovery Channel's reality TV show Swamp Loggers:

Bobby Goodson leads a rugged crew of loggers into the swamps of North Carolina in search of valuable hardwood. A fourth-generation logger, Goodson and his team must battle harsh terrain, even harsher weather, and a rough economy to keep the family business afloat. But as demand for the hardwood wanes, Goodson faces tough choices as he tries to keep Goodson All Terrain Logging out of the red.

After watching a few episodes I see he's more than qualified to be a part of the Woodman's Field Days.

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