Alright so it's a little conceited, but we agree: these girls are "so hot."

We're confused -- who doesn't want to go to a gym full of hot babes? Oh right, other babes. Guess that makes sense.

However, we're dudes. We searched high and low to find out who these hot gym bunnies were, and we finally found them!

Erika Othen is an old friend around these parts. She's actually been Babe of the Day before, showing off her bikini. What can we say; we have our finger on the pulse of hotness. Erika is an actress, model, singer/songwriter, reality television personality, writer, and self-proclaimed love crusader and dream warrior. We have no idea what that means. She's also on the 'Beauty and the Grumble' internet radio show, with co-host David Palmer.


Amanda Landry is a green-eyed actress and spokesmodel with a great sense of humor, judging by her Twitter account, where she describes herself as a competitive eating champion. We're quite fond of her instagram account.


Illya Biederman says she's LA-bred and intuition led. She's a singer, model and actress who says her personal interests include happiness, faith, common sense, optimism, influence, equality, intuition, and love. What a hippie.