I watch all those psychic medium shows, and now there's a new one on Sunday nights at 10 on TLC called, "Angels Among Us". What's interesting is that the show takes place in New York State with many of the guests who get readings from upstate New York.

Here's more about the star, Rosie Cepero of "Angels Among Us", according to tlc.com:

"Rosie Cepero, the star of "Angels Among Us" has a special gift – she can communicate with guardian angels. But even though she has this rare ability, the rest of her life probably sounds very similar to yours. Get to know Rosie, her family and how she talks to angels. Rosie lives on a 126-acre farm in New York state, just north of New York City, with her family and 3-year-old pet pig."

Watch this video clip of "Angels Among Us" with a reading in Binghamton, NY:




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