American Pickers, Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz  from the History Channel are looking to come back to Central New York. Do you have any priceless collections or antiques you're willing to part with? Don't know what you have? Even better. 

American Pickers hunt for the perfect find that can be transformed, repurposed or brought back to its original glory. They'll go in your attic, barn, garage, tree house, basement, there isn't a place to dirty or dingy to keep them away from the big payoff.

WKTV reports a casting call in New York for this summer. "They're looking for collections of antiques to 'pick' from, and they want to see anything from toys, radios, military items, vintage equipment of any sort, and even vintage clothing."

Heidi Lanphere Thomas
Heidi Lanphere Thomas

The spotlight was on upstate New York in May 2015, as Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz, from ‘American Pickers’ found a treasure trove in a barn in Little Falls. After 15 hours of hardcore 'picking,' they made a deal on 54 items with Rich Marocco and  Mike Lonis. If you missed the ‘Coin-Op Kings’ episode, you can watch at

Want them to take a look at your antiques? Send your name, phone number, location, and description of your collection with pictures to or call 855-old-rust (855-653-7878).

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