A Central New York woman is a few thousand dollars richer thanks to Jay Leno and his new game show 'You Bet Your Life.'

Tara Lohr was chosen to appear on the classic game show from the 50s that Leno has brought back with his friend Kevin Eubanks. But it wasn't easy. "I had to fill out a huge application and then go through 2 or 3 zoom meetings," explained Tara, who was floored when she was picked. "I screamed when I found out. They actually called me on my birthday so it was a great present."

Tara made the trip from Liverpool, New York to L.A. in July to appear on the show that pairs strangers who work together to answer questions and win prizes.

On Tara's episode that aired Monday, September 20, she was paired with Christopher, a retired exotic dancer, something Leno just had to see for himself.

"He was definitely made for show biz," Tara said about her partner Christopher. "So over the top friendly and just a very positive person."

The pair were given 5 ice cream questions, 4 of which Tara answered correctly.

1) What do you call chocolate ice cream with marshmallows and almonds
2) What do you call pie served with ice cream
3) What do you call sherbet when you remove the dairy
4) Which three flavors are in Neapolitan ice cream
5) How many flavors Baskin-Robbins is famous for

Tara and Christopher split the 5 grand they won on the show. "It's 'month changing money' as Jay said," joked Tara, who plans to use the money to take her family to Disney World. "I'm so grateful, I'd take $10."

The experience left Tara a little star-struck. "Jay was definitely what you see is what you get kinda guy. He is very nice, funny, and genuine."


1) Rocky Road
2) à la mode
3) sorbet
4) chocolate, strawberry and vanilla
5) 31

You can watch 'You Bet Your Life' weekdays on Fox in Utica and CBS in Syracuse.

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