It seems that UFO activity has been at an all time high the past few months, and finally one of these reports are close to home. On Saturday night The Coast Guard was called out to Lake Ontario to respond to "lights over the skies". Was these fireballs in the sky?

Now many people of Syracuse were reporting seeing these "lights" in the sky before the coast guard showed up, however, the coast guard claims they were the ones behind the lights.Our friends over at CNY Central had the full scoop:

"The US Coast Guard responded to a report of an unknown object in the waters of Lake Ontario, Ontario just outside of the break wall, on Thursday evening, according to Oswego City Police. Police say the Coast Guard was dispatched and, as part of their operation, deployed several flares into the sky."

Now here's the fishy thing: The Police say the Coast guard were dispatched then started launching flares into the sky. But, people reported lights in the sky before the Coast Guard started launching flares.

Police say they began receiving phone calls about "strange light sources and/or balls of fire" over Lake Ontario, directly north of the City, around 7:30 p.m. Police contacted the US Coast Guard and learned of the flares."

So in theory, if the Coast Guard was causing the flares, what were the lights before the flares?

Sarah Lewis posted her thoughts on the story:

If you read it again it says there was something floating in the water, which then prompted the Coast Guard search. Then after the Coast Guard were doing their search, they had to use flares to see what they were doing. After that point THEN people started calling in about the fireballs in the sky, because of the flares the coast guard were sending."

What truly happened in the Cuse?



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