With reports of uprooted trees on the North Shore of Oneida Lake, the big question is, 'was it a tornado?'
The National Weather Service statement:
...National Weather Service Survey Team Investigating Storm Damage

A survey team from the National Weather Service in Binghamton will
be investigating wind damage reports from Monday's storms. The
team will begin their survey near the north shore of Oneida Lake
in the town of Jewell, in far western Oneida County. From there,
the team will work westward to near the town of Cleveland, in far
eastern Oswego County.

Syracuse.com reports the experts are trying to determine if the downed trees are a result of a microburst or a tornado from yesterday's storms that passed through the area.

According to Rachael Witter Eyewitness News Chief Meteorologist, a microburst is winds that come down from a point source in a storm, down over a small area.

As we get photos and more information we'll pass them along.

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