Some people stock up on toilet paper, and some people like to be REALLY prepared. Here's your chance to get a bargain price on your final resting place.

Let's face it, you can find some pretty unusual stuff on Facebook Marketplace. This might be the first time we've seen not one, but two caskets for sale.

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Both caskets are billed as late 1960's style. (Today I learned caskets have "styles".) Both feature ruched, and crushed velvet interiors. One is a flattering plum and the other is peach.

Credit: Jay Floyd/315 Facebook Garage Sale
Credit: Jay Floyd/315 Facebook Garage Sale

The seller, who says these can be used as a prop, or for their intended purpose, stresses they are NOT USED - they're part of a "funeral home clean out." (And you thought YOU had random stuff in your basement. You can buy either for the low price of $400. In case you're wondering, that's a pretty good deal. This mid-range casket on costs over $1,100, and that doesn't include shipping and handling.

"Casket is in good shape and can be used for it's intended purpose or for a prop. Late 1960s model. NO, NOT USED. Part of a funeral home clean out."

If you're interested in both or either of these items, you can find the listings here and here. (You might need to join the Garage Sale group to see them.)





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