What is the "Spirit Ride Casket", and why is it coming to Central New York? 

When I heard about the "Spirit Ride Casket" I just had to find out more!  Why is a casket going across country and stopping in Central New York? What makes this casket so special.

I learned from Atspiritride.com it's not your typical casket  This casket was very unique as it is painted in symbolic colors.  Each of the 3 colors has a special meaning. The color blue reflects loss of family, white is the symbol of the twin towers and other first responders who have fallen while serving the motoring public, people like you and me, and red is symbolic for blood sacrificed in the line of duty.

The true meaning behind the Spirit Ride Casket is to help bring greater awareness of the "Slow Down, Move Over" law.  You may even see the "Spirit Ride Casket" driving along our local roadways on June 13th with a stop and ceremony at Mercurio's Automotive in Sauquoit.

So the next time you are traveling, and you see a tow truck or a first responder, be sure to slow down and move over, you may save a life!!




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