Anyone working in the service industry is struggling to stay afloat during the coronavirus pandemic. They rely on tips to survive. With restaurant and bar capacity being reduced, or closed all together, those tips are a lot less. One waitress, who is thankful to be working at a restaurant that is open, didn't get tipped at all. But she received a beautiful gift, worth more than any amount of money.

Sierra Roman, who works at Uno's in New Hartford says she was left nothing on a $250 bill. "Coffee, beers, apps, main course....then desserts and more coffees....then ask me at the end to split the bill. No problem. Ran my ass off and they thought it would be cool to leave me nothing," Roman shared on Facebook. "And took my pen."

Roman didn't share the story to call out the non-tippers on Facebook, although she should have. She shared it show what happened next.

"Now normally I never get upset because it always washes out on the next table," she wrote. "But this one got me today, crying and all."

When Roman got home, her husband David handed her a note with $46.25 - the money 'she deserved.' "I know you probably served them perfectly," he wrote. "I can't make people understand your value. But I can show you that your man does."

Photo Credit - Sierra Roman
Photo Credit - Sierra Roman

"I was so freaking upset, this made my whole night," said Roman.

May we all find that special someone in our life that understands our value. May we all value those working in the service industry that could use a little extra this year, especially during a COVID Christmas.

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