Mothers Day is the busiest day in the restaurant business. I thought this might be a good time to remind certain people (rude customers) to use manners with their servers. 

I was a server for many many years. It's very physically and mentally demanding. You know what they say "There's No Easy Way To Make A Buck." Sometimes servers are treated with no respect because??? Well I actually don't know why. They have all the power.

Maybe the server is treated badly because the customer is rude, mean, grumpy, miserable, angry at the world kind of person. This type of person get's no respect because he doesn't deserve it. He takes his inadequacies out on other people. People who work hard for every dime they make.

Maybe the server is spoken down to because the customer is a show-off. He want's to feel he's important and the only way to accomplish that is at the expense of others.

Maybe the customer feels the service is poor or the food is bad so he takes it out on the server. If that's the case handle it in a mature manner. You'll get more fries on your plate if your nice.

The other stuff in here is just downright funny. I know it's downright true too!!!

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