Hooves for Heroes is looking for a local Veterans to come to the farm to groom or ride horses for free. This is part of the Hooves For Hero program for local heroes.

Al Capony was donated back in November to Silent Hooves Farm from Heritage Christian Stables which is a PATH certified therapeutic riding facility located in Webster N.Y. Alexis Peters, owner of the farm says he's super gentle and loves everyone! "It's free of charge to any local veteran. No experience necessary, all equipment provided. No age limit! I'm located in Blossvale, minutes from Rome. Feel free to message me or call 315-601-8196 for times and days. Thanks and God Bless!"

Veterans will learn proper safety around horses on the ground and while in the saddle all while learning a solid foundation of horsemanship.

Alexis Peters
Alexis Peters

Al Capony is a 15-year-old Haflinger gelding and is a retired vaulting horse used with children and adults with special needs. Silent Hooves Farm is currently looking for veterans to come out and partner with him for the Veterans outreach program called Hooves For Heroes.

Mr. Caponey is also used with the at-risk youth program called Just Say Whoa to Drinking, Drugs, and Bad Decisions. He's also an intricate part of the #BuckBullying program where local youth come out who have had issues with being bullied. They work on gaining their confidence back and self-esteem by working with the horses and socializing with other children and teens who have encountered similar struggles.

Alexis provides all services FREE of charge for local Veterans and says "Our program is ran solely on donated funds and equipment. People can contact me via cell 315-601-8196 or text as well as contact me on FB."

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