Oh boy, if you're anything like me and somebody says new coaster the adrenaline starts kicking into high gear

The news is starting to leak out about a new roller coaster coming to Darien Lake in 2018 according to WKBW, in Buffalo.

All the documents needed to make this happen have been submitted to the Genesee Country Planning Board. Part of the plan is showing Thunder Rapids log ride would go to the big log ride in the sky and make room for a new coaster, which takes riders down a huge vertical drop.

The coaster is still in the planning stages and park officials are saying that the size, scope and family thrill level with entice coaster riders from all over the Northeast and Canada.

This is the biggest roller coaster to be built in the park since the Ride of Steel debut in 1999. Just from what little info we have so far this coaster sounds like it will give a white knuckle ride and a half and scare the living **&$ out of you.

Check out the plans at WKBW.





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