Both New York locations of Six Flags Darien Lake and Six Flags The Great Escape & Hurricane Park have announced safety measures for COVID19 so they can both open back up June 2020.

KTLA reports that Six Flags theme parks across the country will require guests to wear masks at all times, and they will use an online reservation system to manage crowds once they reopen. This is among many new procedures being put in place:

“All guests over the age of two and all team members will be required to wear face masks covering the nose and mouth throughout their visit/work day,” Six Flags said in a statement. “Accommodations may be made on a case-by-case basis for persons with disabilities, health concerns, religious restrictions, or other circumstances that in Six Flags’ discretion warrant a modification of this face mask requirement.”"

Also announced, parks will utilize new imaging technology to conduct temperature checks at the front gates and an advanced screening technology to allow for touchless bag checks. If your temperature is 100.40 F or higher, you will be directed to one of their medical technicians to determine whether they can safely admit you to the park.

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Here's a look at a handful of the changes:

Promote 6 ft Separation in all Queues
We’ll have clear markers in all of our park entry, ride, restroom and dining queues to help guests keep a safe distance from one another. Roaming personnel will monitor the queues to ensure that the social distancing is promoted.

Promote Guest Separation in Seating Areas
Our dining and water park seating areas will be reconfigured to encourage plenty of distance between seated parties. In areas where strangers are seated together, seats will be removed or blocked off to promote a clear 6-foot gap between guests.

Separate Guests on Rides & Attractions
We’ve developed custom plans for each of our rides and attractions to minimize contact between parties and follow social distancing guidelines. Strategies for separating guests include empty rows and leaving empty seats between guests in ride vehicles.

Promote Guest Separation in Water Park Changing Areas
We’ll have clear markers in our water park changing areas, changing rooms, and showering areas to facilitate social distancing.

Reduce Indoor Facility Venue Capacity
While most of the Six Flags experience takes place outdoors, we do have many indoor shops, restaurants and service buildings. Capacity at each of these venues will be reduced to ensure that there is plenty of room for social distancing."

You can read a full list from Six Flags on their website.


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