Stand up and cheer! COVID restrictions and vaccine requirements are no more at St Joseph's Health Amphitheater, Darien Lake and SPAC for this summer.

Onondaga County Executive Ryan McMahon announced St Joseph's Amphitheater will lift all restrictions this summer.

Live Nation announced concerts at St Joe's, SPAC and Darien Lake would only be open to anyone who is fully vaccinated and can show proof. A COVID-19 message appeared on Live when you tried to buy tickets to any concert that read:

Current guidelines from the State of New York require that all attendees must present proof of a COVID-19 vaccination in order to enter the venue and attend this show. The Event Organizer wants to make sure you are aware of these current guidelines before purchasing tickets. This requirement will apply to all members of your party.

The policy has since changed at all three venues since Governor Andrew Cuomo lifted all restrictions Tuesday, June 15. The pop up message at Live Nation when you buy tickets has now been changed to "ticket prices may fluctuate, based on demand, at any time. Resale ticket prices may exceed face value."

CMAC in Canandaigua is the only New York venue that will still require concert goes to be fully vaccinated, for now.

Unvaccinated concert goes will still need to wear a face mask but venue officials won't be required to ask for proof.

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