You may hear Christmas songs on the radio and catch yourself thinking “Does Utica have a Christmas Song?”. Actually, we have a few great local songs. However, I figured I'd take my stab at song writing with our very own Keith James, and here's what we came up with: “The 12 Days Of Utica Christmas”. 

What better than a song with more than one day of Christmas in Utica? We tried to highlight all the best of our area. This includes Rome and Utica traditions. Check out our song below.

Need the lyrics? I'm sure you want to sing this with all of your friends. Here's what we have for the 12 days.

1) One Rainbow Young on Varick Street

3) Three Jelly Buns

5) Five Tomato Pies

6) Six Bowls Of Riggies

7) Seven Half Moons

8) Eights months of winter

9) Nine Turkey Joints

10) Ten Salt Potatoes

11) Eleven “No Left Turn” signs

12) Twelve Tony's Pizzerias.


What do you think of our song? Do you love it?


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