While we're proud of our food and are loyal about other aspects of our town, the amount of potholes in our roads isn't one of the things we praise in Utica. But, believe it or not, neither we nor New York state hold the crown on the worst roads in the nation.

A company called lvl5 has been enlisting the help of Uber and Lyft drivers to map all of our nation's roads for self-driving cars using the Payver app, but the data is also being used to rate road condition. They released their data this past Fall and while New York is in the bottom ten in regards to potholes and cracks, Michigan is the absolute worst by a long shot.

The data was also culminated by county and it looks like Oneida County is middle-of-the-road (see what we did there?) in terms of road quality with Herkimer County being the worst in Central New York.

So, now that we've covered crummy road quality, who's got the best? In terms of counties, only two in our state rate high: Wyoming and Yates. As far as overall state road quality, Florida is the absolute best with Hawaii and Washington State not far behind.

To read more and check out the maps, head to Medium.com.

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