Central New York potholes have never been sweeter than they are right now. Seriously.

As winter turns (slowly) into spring and then into summer in Central New York, we can get the full experience of the destruction all that cold weather has wreaked on the roadways - not that that the holes aren't filled with snow. (Of course, lately they've been filled with rain so there's that.)

Personally, I like to enjoy those teeth-chattering potholes with a little bit of ice cream. Now, you can get the perfect flavor in Central New York, thanks to Friendly's. Their limited edition flavor 'Nor'easter Pothole' is available now - and was recently spotted at Price Chopper.

The flavor is made with chocolate ice cream, a fudge swirl, crushed chocolate crème cookies and chocolate chips. Damaged suspension not included.

Yep, our potholes are so famous, they've earned their own ice cream flavor.

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