The state of Utah continues its never-ending quest to outlaw fun, this time by passing stricter laws that expand the definition of solicitation to simply “acting sexy in public.”

Utah’s solicitation laws used to define the crime as “agreeing to have sex with someone for money,” but a new amendment passed last year gave police more leeway to include “exposing or touching another or oneself” as evidence of illegal public behavior.

Several escort services in the state have filed lawsuits against local police and the state’s attorney general’s office. They also asked a federal judge to overturn the new law because it offers too broad of an interpretation of solicitation and could ensnare innocent strippers or other sexy dancers who are just doing their jobs (not those kind, sickos).

So far, only one escort has been arrested and charged under the new law, but her case has been put on hold pending the outcome of the law’s appeal.

This means that guys could fall under the letter of this strict new law. Just think about all the times you adjust your junk or scratch your butt in public. Hell, if those count, that makes us the John Dillengers of public indecency.

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