The 1,000-hospital bed Navy ship, USNS Comfort, sails into NY Harbor and is docked at Pier 90 on Manhattan's west side.

The USNS Comfort will start treating non-COVID-19 patients tomorrow (3/31/2020).  The floating hospital will free up space for active COVID-19 patients.

Politico reports the Comfort is staffed by 1,200 medical personnel and equipped with operating rooms, a medical laboratory, a pharmacy, digital radiology, a CAT scan, two oxygen-producing plants, and a helicopter deck.

With 1,200 dead as of 3/30/2020, Governor Cuomo says the worst is still to come:

This (The Comfort) will be 1,000 beds for New York hospitals. It won't treat COVID-19 patients but it will be a relief valve for hospitals that are struggling now, that are over capacity all across the City. So, the 1,000 beds will come in very handy. These 1,000 beds will be complemented with 2,500 beds that we are doing in the Javits Center. I know the field hospitals that were assembled by the U.S Army. Again, those won't be for COVID-19 patients but they will be for a relief valve for the hospitals. So, we are doing this ship - 1,000 beds. Javits - 2,500 beds. About 3,500 beds to relieve the stress that our hospital system is facing.

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