Have you been watching Survivor: Millenials vs Gen-X on CBS? If so, you would have seen Upstate New York native Jessica Blain-Lewis totally own it this season. However, she was eliminated in the final show by what they called a “blind draw.”

The 37-year old district attorney from Voorheesville was one of two in question to be voted out, but the tribal votes were split. So how did she find out see was going home? She stuck her hand into the bag in hopes of pulling out a white rock – she picked black. This style of voting has only happened on the show twice before.

Her reason for attempting to win Survivor was her motivation within:

“My life is like that set of stairs in the movie Labyrinth: the directions don’t make sense nor does the order, but I always manage to find my way through and get where I want to go. For me, those stairs never stop. My motivation comes from within and I will never be done or satisfied.”

Despite not winning, she will always be an all star for Upstate.

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