Would you consider yourself to be a "Mountain Man" living in Central New York or the Adirondacks? Are you single? You might be on TV.

According to a CraigsList post, a major television network is looking for Mountain Men that are single, and or currently dating someone? Specifically the person you're dating, are they about to move or visit your homestead for the first time? Are they about to learn how to be self-sufficient?

OR, Are you currently dating someone that doesn’t understand your self-sufficient lifestyle but wants to learn?

This TV gig may be for you:

We want independent, rustic country individuals that know how to live on their own. You must be living in the mountains or off-grid. Does this sound like you?

Do you want to date someone and teach her how to live the rustic mountain life?
Do you trap/hunt your own food and live independently on your own in the mountains or off-grid?"

According to the post, this show will follow these men or women around as they teach their significant other how to live self-sufficiently. If you're up for some entertainment, you can apply here.

Take Part In A Coffee Research Study In Syracuse, Rome, and Utica

You've trained for this moment your entire career coffee warriors. In the Utica, Rome, and Syracuse areas, a research group is conducting a two week study on coffee drinkers.

The study could pay you $700 for drinking whole bean coffee. Broad Focus Clinical is looking for Syracuse coffee drinkers to take part in a two week study to determine the positive health effects of consuming whole bean coffee.

You can read more here.

Townsquare Townie Awards 2021

The Townsquare Utica/Rome Townie Awards 2021 are our way of honoring some of the local businesses that help define the unique character of the Central New York region. We hope you enjoy this eclectic list of some of the people, places, and things that we love about CNY.

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