Don't just sit inside this Winter. Here are some very good unique places to stay over a weekend in New York, or longer, if you have the time.

1) Let's start with Creekside Cabin near Letchworth State Park, located near the Grand Canyon of the East. Staying overnight or longer gets guests the use of the property as a whole. Guests can hike the natural beauty and truly amazing location to enjoy outside activities like sledding, skiing snowboarding, and snowmobile. Don't worry you don't need to have all the winter equipment it's available right in the park, according to

2) So, how about a restored fisherman's cabin near Woodstock with views of the Catskill mountains or Witten Pond? Built in the 1900s, this location will transport you into the early turn of the century and have you wishing for more time to stay just one more day very peaceful and stress relieving. The cottage is now equipped with modern amenities and great for a weekend getaway so you're not totally cut off from the 21st century.

3) How about a couple of nights at the Sagamore at Lake Geroge. This will work great if you are a skiier with Gore, Hickory and West Mountain close for skiing. just a short drive away.

4) Most people enjoy Old Forge for boating in the Spring, Summer and Fall then switch to the frozen water to snowmobile in the winter with hundreds of trails in and around Old Forge drawing riders from most of the Eastern US.

5) You've seen it on the Olympic coverage, we're talking frozen shuffleboard, it's curling. You can even take a class that will put you on track to make the Olympics. There are first class accommodations near the curling arena and you can get the info you need from the Utica Curling Club.

To get additional information on any of these properties check with you'll be glad you did.




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