Have you heard about the UFO sighting from our neck of the woods in Vernon? This report from Mufon was filed in January of 2014.

I was getting ready to go to bed and looked out my window at about 2:20 am to see how the weather was . I looked across the street at my neighbors house and noticed a blinking object I thought it was a plane at first then I decided to go upstairs to get a better view of it . I went up to my second floor bedroom and looked out the window it was still there hovering with bright lights in a circular motion it looked like they were shining a huge beam of light below the object. I showed my girlfriend what I saw . I kept watching the object for about 45 minutes I wanted to get my camera to video it but I wasn't able to get a good enough picture of it my camera wouldn't zoom in enough . I called my brother to tell him about what I saw .

Then I looked once more it was still there I did notice a car stop and look to see what the light was next I went to bed I was exhausted. "

Has anyone seen anything similar to this report? If so, comment below: