While you might make it a habit to visit the men's room at work to get away from it all, but your co-workers will be joining you whether you like it or not. It can get kind of scary in there.

Here's a rundown from EgoTVOnline.com of some of the people you will meet in the men's room at work:

  • The Loiterer- You might be looking to take a quick break, He's taking a long break, and talking to everyone who comes through the door.
  • The Guy Who Stands Too Close- He didn't get the memo about honoring another man's personal space and should have his man-card revoked.
  • The Extra Washer- He's either over-compensating so that nobody will know that he usually doesn't wash his hands or he's a freak about germs.

Read the full list at EgoTVOnline.com.

Which type of “guy” do you have at your workplace?