Test out your acting chops and maybe be one of the people cast for Gilded Age when it films in Upstate New York this summer.

The Rumors Were True

Hart Cluett Museum via Facebook
Hart Cluett Museum via Facebook

Months ago it was reported that Gilded Age, which had been filmed in the Capital Region's City of Troy for season one, would see season two return for filming. With casting calls happening for Troy again, it would seem those rumors will become a reality.

This Is Beyond Cool


Troy certainly fit the vibe for many of the scenes shot in season one. The show was shot in 1880s New York City, but Troy has a lot of characteristics from that time period. With the show receiving a lot of mainstream hype, many eyeballs could be seeing your face in season two when shot this summer.

How Do You Become Part Of The Show?

Filming will take part between August 1st and 26th in Troy. At the moment, it seems the show is only looking for extras. If that is interesting to you an email will get you started according to Spectrum News.

Send an email to gildedage@gwcnyc with this info:

  • Your Name
  • Phone Number
  • Height
  • Weight
  • Shoe Size
  • Clothes Size
  • Photo of Yourself

Another thing to do is make sure the email has this as a title: TGA TROY LOCAL.

Prior to filming, you'll be fitted into 1880's period-appropriate clothing and have to undergo COVID-19 screening as well. If selected you'll also need to be fully vaccinated and boosted too.

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