The Tug has the best trails and snow for riding bar none. While riding where can you go for food and drinks?

If you spend any time on the tug you know there are thousands of miles and trails to explore, as well as dozens of restaurants and bars and lodging. Most of the locations on the hill don't have websites

Tuggers lead the charge for lodging, food and an all around meeting location. Ridgeview is another location for lodging, food and meeting friends on Rt. 12

Here are a few of the spots that serve food and places to meet your friends.

1_ Cottage Inn in Copenhagen  lodging/food/bar - 315-688-3018

2) Barnes Corners - food/bar

3) Flat Rock Inn - 315-376-2332 lodging/food/bar

4) Tug Hill Inn Hook and Ladders - food/bar/lodging - 315-376-4299

5) Ridgeview - 315-376-2252 lodging/food/bar -315-376-2252

6) Montague Inn - 315-376-2332 - lodging/food/bar



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