UPDATE: The trailer has been found and an arrest has been made.

An upstate New York snowmobiler is looking for his trailer he claims someone stole from the back of his truck.

Trev Hulse sent out a warning to anyone riding in Tug Hill area, advising everyone to lock up their trailers after his went missing. Hulse says he parked his truck and trailer at the Grist Mill in Parish Sunday morning. When he went back Monday just before noon, his trailer was gone. "Someone had stolen my trailer right off the back of the truck."

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Security cameras from the Grist Mill captured the van. Hulse shared the picture on social media, hoping someone would recognize it. "Let’s find these scumbags."

Hulse says the stolen trailer has a Triton sticker on the side and a unique ski guide in the back to help id in sled loading.

Hulse is asking anyone with any information to message him on Facebook.

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