I've seen some weird food combinations in my lifetime and while I thought I'd seen it all, someone comes up with another crazy combination.

According to News4jax.com, KFC is rolling out nationwide a combination of fried chicken and donuts. There are two choices, one a basket with a donut and fried chicken and the other as a sandwich with a piece of fried chicken between two glazed donuts.

I'm not sure that after biting into this sandwich with distinctly different tastes would be a good thing, but what do I know?

Apparently this is a limited time only deal beginning February 24th through March 16th, and there's no guarantee our local KFC restaurants will offer these new combinations.

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Personally, I'd like to just try the donut to see how it tastes. And I guess the donuts are sold warm. That's a good thing. Check out the pictures at News4jax.com.

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