Hazelnut Shortage May Affect Cost Of Nutella
When I was a kid going to Miller School in Utica, I remember peanut butter & jelly sandwiches were the main lunch meal. And, if your kids tastes have branched out to "Nutella" and jelly sandwiches, that may cost you a bit more when they go back to school this fall.
August Is National Sandwich Month
August may be the last blast of summer, but it's also "National Sandwich Month." I don't know about you, but I love sandwiches, for lunch or dinner, and during warm summer days, a cold sandwich is OK by me.
Happy 250th Birthday to the Sandwich
The thought of a 250-year-old sandwich is enough to turn your stomach. But, worse than that is the thought of having no sandwiches at all. That’s why we  should all join the town of Sandwich in celebrating the 250th anniversary of the invention of the sandwich.
Chowdown With Chip – Don’t Eat Too Fast
People who eat fast until they're full are far more likely to become overweight, according to a surprising study from Japan 's Osaka University . Investigators quizzed more than 3,000 volunteers about how they ate and the findings were hard to stomach...