Starting July 1st, KFC is releasing a new Cheesy Cheetos Chicken Sandwich. It's gonna be dangerously cheesy in Central New York.

Thrillist reports that KFC is releasing this nationwide after a successful test run in select markets. Starting July 1st, this will be released nationwide for a limited time:

The beloved fried chicken chain teamed up with the crunchy cheese snack-maker on a doozy of sandwich that packs of a combo of both crunch and cheese. It features a breaded Extra Crispy fried chicken filet drizzled in a special Cheetos-flavored sauce on a toasted bun that's been sprinkled with crunchy Cheetos. Of course, to ensure the added crunch remains balanced, there's also a layer of mayo"

This will be availabe in Central New York from July 1st - July 29th.

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