There's nothing more frustrating than coloring a beautiful Easter egg and then the shell sticks to it making it impossible to peel.  

This is probably the only time of the year you can get your kids to eat a hard boiled egg right? The prettier they are the better they taste. Over the years Cindy's learned a few tricks on how to easily peel your Easer eggs.

  • Older eggs peel so much easier than fresh eggs. Why? IDK.
  • Add 2 T or more of white vinegar to your boiling eggs and peeling will be easier.
  • Crack the hardboiled egg and peel under warm running water. Don't look at the egg or it won't work. This is all done by touch and feel.
  • Peel right after cooling. I think the egg shrinks a little during the process.

If you have a tip for making this easier let us know in the comments below.

Bonus Video:

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