This is how to get easy to peel perfectly edible Easter Eggs.

There's nothing more frustrating than coloring a beautiful Easter egg, and the shell sticks to it making it impossible to peel. Follow these tips for the perfect easy to peel a hard-boiled egg.

  1. Older eggs peel easier than fresh eggs. Why? The older the egg (10 days old or older), has gas buildup that makes them easier to peel. So check the dates on the egg carton and buy the oldest eggs you can find.
  2. Add 2 T or more of white vinegar to your boiling water to make peeling much much easier.
  3. Mix 1 T of Baking Soda to water before boiling eggs may make for easier peeling.
  4. Crack the hardboiled egg and peel under warm running water. Don't look at the egg or it won't work. The peeling is all done by touch and feel.
  5. Peel right after cooling. I think the egg shrinks a little during the process.

*I've found that refrigerated hard-boiled eggs don't peel well so plan on peeling them after cooking.

Cooking Hard-Boiled Eggs:

  • Add cold water and vinegar to your saucepan.
  • Add raw eggs and more water if needed. There must be at least 2 inches of water covering eggs.
  • Place the pan over high heat until it reaches a boil.
  • Turn off heat, cover and let it sit for 11 minutes.
  • Run cold water into the pan until you can handle eggs.
  • At this point, I would follow step #4 above.
  • Store in your refrigerator for three days.

If you have a tip for making peeling hard-boiled eggs easier let us know in the comments below.

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