Looking to spend time outside in Upstate New York but hate the bugs? Consumer Reports has issued a report of the top insect repellents and the best buy spray you can use. Here's what we suggest for your trip camping in New York. 

The top repellents in the latest report included Sawyers Fisherman's Formula, and Repel Lemon Eucalyptus. The Today Show says that both repelled mosquitoes and deer ticks for at least seven hours.

"All repellents should be used sparingly and only for the time you need them—especially on children and older people," cautioned Ellen Kunes, Consumer Reports' heath and food content development team leader, in a statement.

The report goes on to report insect repellents that contain natural plant oils may not be doing the best job to keep bugs away. None tested lasted more than an hour against mosquitoesand some failed almost immediately.