Christmas and New Year's Eve are two holidays that bring families together. Usually a lot of food is eaten and drinks are drunk. Naturally, our bodies respond to this intake and the use of a bathroom is usually required. So, what happens when you make the embarrassing mistake of clogging the toilet?

A professional plumbing expert appeared on 'The TODAY Show' to give a few simple steps to avoid the embarrassment of being that guy or gal who ruined the new tiles on Grandma's bathroom floor. According to Jamie Smith, the main thing to do is relax! Then, you can worry about unclogging the toilet.

Here's how to plunge like a plumber:

  • Make sure you get a good connection between the plunger and the toilet. (Plumbers call this a "good seal.")

  • Once the connection's established, begin plunging up and down with a good amount of force. Take care not to lift the plunger away from the bottom of the toilet bowl or you'll break the connection.

  • Be quick and repetitive with the plunging motion. This will establish a suction force that will push through whatever is blocking the drain pipe.

  • Keep an eye out for movement in the toilet which means the blockage is being pushed through.

  • Once you're sure the water is draining, turn the water valve on, allow the tank to fill, then flush the toilet. Swish the plunger in the fresh water for a quick cleaning before leaving. Flush again.

If all else fails, she's your grandmother and I am sure she'll forgive you. You may just need to stop over the next two years to take out the garbage and vacuum the carpets!

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