U.S. Navy/Getty Images
U.S. Navy/Getty Images

Producer David Ellison has confirmed that "Top Gun 2" is in the works. Can I get a Whoop whoop?

The big question is if Tom Cruise will be Maverick. There's some conflicting reports at the moment that lead you to believe Tom Cruise is in, but there's been no official announcement. One report goes as far as saying while he is out promoting his new movie Mission Impossible Rogue Nation which opens July 31 he'll make the announcement.

The sequel to the 1980s hit Top Gun has Navy fighter pilots taking on unmanned drones. Somethings will be quite different. Hot dogging and dogfighting aren't exactly what they used to be. It's the end of that era . Drone technology is the world we live in now, and that's something Top Gun 2 is taking into consideration while writing the screenplay.

A couple of things remains uncertain — when will we actually get to see the new action movie and will it be Tom Cruise as Maverick.

Here is the trailer from 1986. Wait till you see how the quality has improved in our movies in the past 30 years.


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